More Details on Iranian Centrifuges

A few days ago, I noted on Twitter that the AEOI published some (relatively) new images of Iranian centrifuges. And this post has some new-ish centrifuge details.

Turns out there’s an ISNA article from November 13 which has some more details (though there is some overlap with the previous post. Not at liberty to share the whole thing, but the cite is: “What Is Going on in Hall S8 of Natanz Site?” (ISNA, published by Ensaf News on 11/13/19). Before we get to the substance, I feel compelled to point out this line:

The S8 hall was like a small farm with all sorts of products…The machines were placed in a way as if we had entered a family gathering with fat, skinny, short, tall, powerful, weak, quick, and slow children.

Anyway, we learn from this article that the IR-9 is 5.5 meters tall and has a capacity of 50 SWU. Also, the IR-6 “is capable of enriching uranium eight times more than the first generation machines”

Other SWU capacities:

  • IR-6s: 6 SWU
  • IR-6m: 12 SWU
  • IR-6sm: 8 SWU (FWIW, Iran called this the IR-6smo in a letter to the IAEA)
  • IR-s: 12 SWU (A “short and fat machine.”)
  • IR-7: 20 SWU

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