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Carnegie Conference Blogging Errata

The Carnegie people were kind enough to ask Jeffrey and me to “blog”: during their recent Nonproliferation Conference.

So my first ACW post in a while is to inform readers that I F’d up two posts. I’ve already notified the hard-working people at Carnegie, but thought I’d post the corrections here while they (I hope) are catching up on some well-deserved sleep after a really outstanding conference.

I don’t think either of these are serious errors, but in the interest of accuracy…

*Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe.* In the post I wrote about the first panel that NPR broadcasted yesterday, I “wrote”:

During the afternoon’s first NPR panel, Amb. Linton Brooks, Sen. Lugar, and former Sen. Nunn were asked why we still have tactical nuclear weapons in Europe.

Brooks replied, “There may as well be” and spoke about the importance of nuclear weapons to NATO’s defense.

The substance of this was correct. But after listening to the broadcast again, I realized that I had misunderstood Brooks – he was saying that he might as well be the first person to answer the question.

I should have just said “Brooks spoke about the importance of nuclear weapons to NATO’s defense.”

*Bob Joseph’s Lunch Talk.* In a post about Robert Joseph’s speech during lunch (see, also, “Jeffrey’s post”:, I “wrote”:

Third, Joseph utterly ignored the fact that we will not have a verifiable strategic arms control treaty with Russia when START II expires in 2009. As far as I know, we have not made much headway in devising any verification measures for the Moscow Treaty. Not that it would matter all that much for a treaty that expires at the end of 2012.

But a senior colleague properly pointed out that START II does not exist … obviously, I meant START I.