Monthly Archives: August 2009

Today’s Papers, RIP

Slate “got rid of”: the only thing they had that was worth reading: Today’s Papers. That was the third thing I read every day. Replacing it with a news aggregator is a terrible idea because, well, Slate’s judgment is generally poor; I would rather the staff would just stick to summarizing the 5 major papers.

Attention enterprising bloggers: there’s now a niche to be filled.


My friend and old colleague Wade Boese has a “new gig,”: according to L Rozen. Congratulations to him.

Nuclear Weapons-Themed Radio Show

I have yet to listen to it, but my old debate coach and former fellow WRUV DJ posted “this radio show”: from 1984 that’s all about nuclear weapons.

I am thinking seriously about making this blog mostly about WMD and heavy metal.

Farewell to Josh

His departure has made me quite sad. You all know that he’s got a gift for Teh Blogging, so read him at ACW or wherever else he may end up; personally, I hope he takes an ACW commenter’s suggestion and starts a blog called Complete Pollacks.

I always knew Josh was smart, but I didn’t realize that he’s really fucking funny as well.

Because it’s Time

Some places are fun to blog at. This has been one of ’em, Lord knows.

But it’s become apparent that is no longer Paul Kerr’s Arms Control blog, as advertised at the upper right. It’s a shame, but it’s a fact. Instead, it’s just this Joshua Pollack guy posting here every now and again. And that makes things a touch awkward.

Paul has been compelled to fall silent, and I can’t really hold up my end as I once did. Life has gotten busy, fast. So it’s time for me to bow out.

If you’ve enjoyed following my random thoughts, fear not. I plan to continue making occasional contributions at ACW. Like this one on “North Korea’s missile program”:

Thanks, Paul! It’s been a pleasure.

And here it is: your final “musical bonus”:!