AEOI Centrifuge Details

Salehi provided some in two recent speeches.

Here’s some excerpts from his November 25 press conference

The claims made by some media on which our nuclear industry has been weakened or marginalized is baseless. This industry has been able to increase capacity in 2 months by adding 2660 SWU capacity with advanced centrifuges which is outstanding.

The media and press visit to our R&D facilities demonstrate the 15 new generation machine types produced. Among such advanced devices, some of which were made in the last two months, are IR9 machine with 50 (SWU) capacity and IR modular, IR7, IRs, IR5, IR6+…. ETC, are noticeable.

Before convening JCPOA we had 11/000 (SWU) and after (step 3), the capacity has reached 8600 SWU which is an incredible achievement.

The variety of machine types before was 5 new generation kinds, and after (step 3) this has added up to 15 types which show Iran’s nuclear industry has moved forward strongly.
The purpose of uranium enrichment is to supply fuel for the power plants. With the advances made, last year we were able to produce 30 tons of uranium which, hopefully will reach 50 tons, within a year or two.

Salehi disclosed some other info in a previous press conference:

The rate of the enriched uranium production which prior to the implementation of (step 3) was around 480gr per day, afterwards has reached 5000 gr per day.

In another words, it has been increased by 10 times which happened during the 2 holy months of Moharram and Safar.

Dr. Salehi while appreciating the struggle of the AEOI 15/000 personnel in having access to such achievements further added that:
Today we witness 3 occasions, namely, 30 intermediate chain of IR6 gas feeding opening. Before we had 20 chain of IR6 which was installed on Apr/9 and prior to that we possessed a 10 chain system as well. At present we have around 60 IR6 centrifuges, each one with a 10 (SWU) enrichment capacity. This means 6000 additional (SWU) capacity.

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