Monthly Archives: October 2023

Ghauri Test

Here’s the latest from ISPR on a Pakistani test of the country’s Ghauri ballistic missile:

Pakistan today successfully conducted Training Launch of Ghauri Weapon System aimed at testing the operational and technical readiness of Army Strategic Forces Command.

The launch was witnessed by Commander Army Strategic Force Command (ASFC), senior officers from the strategic forces, scientists and engineers of strategic organization.

Commander ASFC appreciated the standard of training and operational preparedness of Army Strategic Forces, which was reflected by proficient handling of Weapon System in the field and achievement of operational and technical objectives. He also appreciated the scientists and engineers for their contributions towards enhancement of Pakistan’s strategic capability.

The President, Prime Minister of Pakistan, CJCSC and Services Chiefs congratulated the participating troops, scientists and engineers on successful conduct of training launch.

India on FMCT

There are a number of useful items in this September India statement, but here’s the portion about the FMCT:

India has supported the immediate commencement of negotiations in the CD on a Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT) on the basis of CD/1299 and the mandate contained therein, which remains the most suitable basis for negotiations.

D.B. Venkatesh Varma on 123

Here’s an assessment of the India 123 from former Indian official D.B. Venkatesh Varma

So today, we have a nuclear deal where our civilian programme is not short of nuclear fuel and our weapons programme is proceeding merrily forward. Overall it has been a success. We got our cake and we ate it too…

Protect and Survive Monthly

This LRB piece mentions the British magazine Protect and Survive Monthly, which “was mainly a collection of adverts for Geiger counters and shelters with names like the Mole and the Egg.” Published between ~1981 and 86, the magazine had 12,000 subscribers.

According to the BBC, “[o]ne advert even promoted a wine club, with vintages you could keep in your shelter. As one article put it, ‘You don’t want to be caught in a queue at the supermarket when the bomb drops! ‘ “