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Idaho Samizdat Tweets

Over at “his place,”: Dan Yurman posts a continuous stream of news items, mostly about nuclear energy, via Twitter. It’s definitely worth a look-see.

Or you can do what I do and “follow”: his Twitter feed directly. Needless to say, I read his blog as well.


I recently learned that Jayantha Dhanapala, has a “website”:, though I’m not sure he considers it a blog.

Among other things, Dhanapala chaired the 1995 NPT RevCon, which resulted in the indefinite extension of that treaty. He was also the UN undersecretary-general for disarmament affairs.

ACA has some stuff from him that you can check out, including his “speech”: at the January 2k2 ACA annual meeting and a “1999 _ACT_ interview.”:


Anya recently exhorted me to make more with Teh Blogging, so blog I shall.

For starters, check out the “Platts blog Fuel for Thought.”:

Since I’m uncreative, I’ll add a NOFX vid. They’ve been around for at least 23 years, if you wanna feel old.