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The Onion on Chomsky

Presumably, some of you have read Chomsky. The Onion “has him down pretty well:”:,17404/

After stopping at a roadside McDonald’s, Chomsky was unable to enjoy the Big Mac he purchased, due to the popular restaurant chain’s participation in selling “a bill of goods” to the American people, who consume the unhealthy fast food and thereby bolster the capitalist system rather than buying from local farmers in order to equalize the distribution of wealth and eat more nutritiously.

Chomsky also found the burger to be too salty.

More on Acronym

When I wrote “this post,”: I was unaware that Carol Naughton was also “blogging for”: the Acronym Institute about the RevCon. Credit where it’s due and all that…

U.S.-Australia 123

I know all 5 people who might read this blog are paying attention to the RevCon, but the WH “recently submitted”: to Congress a 123 agreement with Australia. There’s also an unclassified Nuclear Proliferation Assessment Statement, but I’m not sure where, if anywhere, it lives on teh internets.

State on U.S. Nuclear Strategy

Obviously following up on my “admonition”: to geek out with their beaks out, State is apparently trying to steal business from blogs. But since the bloggers in this field are making so much cash, it won’t really matter.

I am, of course, speaking about the “Understanding U.S. Nuclear Strategy”: site.

There are a couple of apparent quirks that I don’t really understand. For example, neither “this page”: nor “this one”: seem to have links to the entire “Nuclear Posture Review.”: It’s a curious omission, given that the NPR would seem to be a document about both nonproliferation and arms control.

Still, a good resource.


“According to DoD,”: that’s the number of warheads in the US nuclear weapons stockpile.

The stockpile, the “fact sheet”: says, includes

bq. both active and inactive warheads. *Active warheads* include strategic and nonstrategic weapons maintained in an operational, ready-for-use configuration, warheads that must be ready for
possible deployment within a short timeframe, and logistics spares. They have tritium bottles and other Limited Life Components installed. *Inactive warheads are maintained at a depot in a non-operational status,* and have their tritium bottles removed.