Rouhani on UNSCRs

Worth remembering that one of Iran’s major incentives negotiate the JCPOA was ending the UNSC Chapter VII treatment of Tehran’s nuclear program. President Rouhani suggested as much this last month:

Dr Rouhani noted, “Some tell us ‘you wasted time talking to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the agency is controlled by the US and the superpowers, and talking to it is futile’, while some say we can negotiate for years and reach a conclusion”.“We were able to resolve the PMD case and announce that the case was closed. This is very heavy for some to take, like a bomb being dropped on them,” said the President.The president added, “When we were negotiating with the six major powers, some would say that these talks are of no use and that we have to resist, while some were in favour of negotiation”.Dr Rouhani pointed out, “It is not easy to negotiate with the six major powers of the world and get them to repeal and retract the six Chapter-VII resolutions. In addition, no country’s right to nuclear activities has not been approved by the United Nations, while it happened only for Iran, which is included in Resolution 2231”.

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