Monthly Archives: March 2010

Nuclear Proliferation v. Maple Syrup

bq. Anyway, in conclusion, nuclear proliferation is a major threat that has placed all our previously held beliefs about military strategy in doubt, and also, in addition, pancakes and waffles are delicious with maple syrup. I don’t know. As I said, I can’t argue with you on that, so….


Tour D’Iran

Not sure if any pro cyclists (or fans thereof) read this blog (actually, I’m not sure _anyone_ reads this blog), but the International Presidency Tour takes place in Iran this coming May, according to “the UCI”: and “this site.”:

I’m sure more info is contained on the Cycling Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s “site,”: but I can’t read Farsi.

According to the UCI, Iranian riders comprise 5 of the top 10 ranked riders on the “UCI Asia Tour”:, including the # 1 slot.

What This Blog Shall Be

I’m pretty sure it’ll center on posting useful documents and pop culture references to NBC weapons.

Here’s a sample. I know IED’s aren’t NBC, but this song is too good not to post. And the video has nuclear explosions.