D Perricos on Safeguards, Toilets, and Snakes

A while back, the late Demetrius Perricos, former important IAEA and UNMOVIC official, recounted some of his experiences as an IAEA inspector:

I started in 1972, and I started working in South and SE Asia areas, India, Vietnam, up to there, and the Far East, Korea and Japan at the time. The first inspections were in Pakistan and India systematically, and they were not very pleasant states at the time, there were health problems for the inspectors going there. But you could learn a lot at the time, you could learn to face difficulties, from solving problems of how to develop your surveillance films – you had to use the toilet, sit on the seat to have complete dark to have the film developed in the dark. You had to fight with scorpions and snakes – when you are staying in the areas near the reactors – but you learned a lot – how to negotiate with the people, how to discuss with them, they were not easy, but you had to be very careful.

Not sure how well the link is working.

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