D Perricos on Snakes and South Africa

Speaking of former IAEA and UNMOVIC official Demetrius Perricos, I thought I’d share this excerpt from the same interview [not sure why that the link’s not working]:

Demetrius: The waste had been accumulated on a hill – big waste drums, lots of waste, from filters they were using, uranium deposits. And some of it we wanted to measure to make a rough estimate of how much was in the waste. So we could close a material balance. We had to figure out how to measure a drum. It was on a hill with thousands of drums of depleted Uranium with various enrichments, and of course pieces of material and filters and things. To try to do a completely random proper scientific selection – to get the last drum in the last row – it’s difficult. So we had trouble with that logistically.But another problem – there were snakes everywhere -cobras, pythons – but people really did the best job they could. It was South Africa, don’t forget that!

Perricos wrote more about the RSA case here.

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