Neocons and Black Metal

FoKerr _LH_ sent along “this piece”: by Mark Ames which makes the case that there are a number of similarities between neoconservatism and black metal.

This part is hilarious:

Then there’s [Richard] Perle, who…has his own infamous Black Metal nom de roque: The Prince of Darkness. Arrrggghhh! *Launch fireworks and pyrotechnics from front of stage, set off explosions, lower giant skull as The Prince of Darkness and David “Axis of Evil” Frum take to the stage in their End to Evil monsters of hardline ideology tour!*

The similarities don’t stop there. Whereas Vikernes and other Black Metalists saw heathen Norway in a life-or-death struggle for existence with the Semitic tribes’ Judeo-Christianity, Perle and Frum see Judeo-Christian America under threat from Islam. And both have the same solution: War, dude!

Speaking of metal (OK, grindcore) and hilarious, this is Napalm Death doing what is perhaps the shortest song ever recorded:

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