Department of Unintended Consequences

The “entire _NYT_ profile”: of ElBaradei is pretty good, but one part is just outstanding.

The article talks about US efforts to keep ElBaradei from obtaining another term as IAEA DG. Apparently, he didn’t want the job until he heard that J Bolton was trying to oust him:

He said *he had been “99 percent decided” against running until he learned that John R. Bolton,* then Washington’s United Nations ambassador, *was determined to block him.*

Dr. ElBaradei recalled “a sense of revulsion” that such a personal decision should be made “by anybody else.”

*His wife said she had told him, “Mohamed, you run — tomorrow!”*

Strong work.

Excerpts from two _NYT_ interviews with ElBaradei can be found “here”: and “here.”:

One thought on “Department of Unintended Consequences

  1. J

    Yeah, but the article overall makes El Baradei sound like a total douchebag, especially his penchant for name dropping. Unfortunately, it is not only the United States that is pissed with him at the moment, but the UK, France, and Germany as well. That should say something.


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