Yet More on Iran and IAEA Work Plan

UNSG Ban Ki-moon provided further evidence that people shouldn’t be sweating the Iran-IAEA cooperation “agreement”: quite so much. [Previous post “here.”: ]

According to “Reuters,”: Ban said that Iran has to sack up and comply with all of the UNSC’s requirements:

“I know that there was an agreement between the IAEA and Iran on the future work plans on this,” Ban said in his first reaction to the agreement. “I know that there are some different understandings or expectations.”

“What is important at this time is that, *in addition to what IAEA has been negotiating and discussing with the Iranian government, the Iranian government should fully comply with the Security Council resolutions* — that is the core,” Ban said.

OK, maybe I paraphrased a little.

1 thought on “Yet More on Iran and IAEA Work Plan

  1. Andy

    I think you’re missing the point. It doesn’t ultimately matter what Ban Ki-moon or El Baradei think. What matters is what the UNSC member nations think. Perhaps Baradei and Ban Ki-moon will say Iran is still not completely compliant, but that is largely meaningless unless backed-up by UNSC action. This agreement has already cut the legs out of support for any more sanctions.


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