Blix and ACA in NYRB

Thomas Powers has a good review of Tenet’s book in the 19 July edition of the _NYRB_. Referencing a “speech”: that Blix gave at the 2006 ACA annual meeting, Powers notes that, according to Blix, the UN weapons inspectors (given a bit more time) would have confirmed that Iraq had no WMD and, perhaps, prevented the U.S.-led invasion of that country.

For some reason, Powers didn’t include the part where Blix talked about his role in “Team America: World Police:”:

bq. States are not terribly impressed by international secretariats I can tell you. You can run into resistance. What weapon does [an international organization] have? The weapon you have is that if you do not go along with this I will report to the board. That is what you have. I heard there was a [movie, Team America: World Police] here in the U.S. about Iraq and I feature as a character who tells [North Korean leader] Kim Jong Il that if you do not behave I will report. (Laughter.) And thereafter Kim says, “Fu*k you, Hans Blix,” and chops off my head and it falls down into some poo-poo or other.” I mean this is the way that I get known around the world (laughter), but my reaction is rather to the substance of it.

Maybe it wasn’t sufficiently high-brow for _NYRB_ readers.

Jeffrey “posted the video”: a while back.

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