Six Party Talks Communique

I haven’t written much about the six-party talks as of late, but will something related up later. Meantime, this is the relevant part of the Press Communiqué from the most recent 6pt meeting, which ended today.

Essentially the parties agreed to fulfill their commitments under the February “agreement”: and September 2005 “Joint Statement.”: They also agreed to take steps to implement them:

1. *Before the end of August, the Working Groups* for Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Normalization of DPRK-US relations, Normalization of DPRK-Japan relations, Economy and Energy Cooperation and Northeast Asia Peace and Security Mechanism *will convene their respective meetings to discuss plans for the implementation of the general consensus.*

2. *In early September, the Parties will hold the Second Session of the Sixth Round of the Six-Party Talks in Beijing* to hear reports of all Working Groups and work out the roadmap for the implementation of the general consensus.

3. *Following the Second Session of the Sixth Round of the Six-Party Talks, the Parties will hold a ministerial meeting in Beijing as soon as possible* to confirm and promote the implementation of the September 19 Joint Statement, the February 13 agreement and the general consensus, and explore ways and means to enhance security cooperation in Northeast Asia.

Full text is “here.”:

1 thought on “Six Party Talks Communique

  1. MEC

    My guess is that disarmament will not occur on a time line pursuant to US interests. Whereas the process was moving along nicely, this reminds us that momentum is fickle…and that this is only the beginning.


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