More Mousavian Details

I “just can’t stop…”:

A few days ago, the Iranian website Ansar (described as “hardline” by the BBC) provided some details about the supposed charges against Mousavian. No idea if they’re true.

Ansar reported that, according to an “informed source,” Mousavian
“was *spying for a hostile European country.*”

Mousavian is also reportedly charged with “long-time contact with an American diplomat” and “providing security intelligence to Germany.” Dunno if those things have anything to do with the nuclear program.

Interestingly, the issue may go beyond espionage. According to Ansar, Mousavian warned Sirus Naseri (who, if it’s the same person mentioned in “this _ACT_ story,”: was also an Iranian nuclear negotiator) not to obey a request from Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and judiciary to return to the country “because of something that had come up.”

That “something” was presumably connected to a corruption investigation that apparently implicated Naseri. According to Ansar,

bq. Naseri is accused of paying more than half a million dollars in bribes from his Swiss bank to the senior adviser of the Pars Oil and Gas Company in order to ensure success on oil contracts.

p=. *Ahmadinejad Meeting*

A 3 May report from the Iranian Baztab website may shed some light on the origins of the Mousavian case.

Now, this is one web site reporting on what _another_ website (Edalatkhaneh) said. So this is getting close to “somewhere on the internet” in terms of reliability.

But anyway, Ahmadinejad reportedly said “in a private meeting held some time ago,” that “Iran has gained access to some unbelievable new information on Iran’s nuclear dossier.” Specifically, Tehran had discovered “the betrayal of some nuclear dossier officials and their contact with foreigners.”

Apparently, Iran initially got this information from “a foreign source,” Ahmadinejad said, adding that “after following up the issue, the security and intelligence forces of the country gained access to new clues.”

Back to work, Iran geeks.

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