More on Mousavian

The Fars News Agency “has more”: on that situation. [Previous post “here.”: ]

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Iran’s MFA spokesperson said that

bq. “…Mousavian is presently interrogated by the intelligence ministry, and his accusations should not be discussed publicly before the case has been fully verified.”

But the rest of the story seems to confirm the espionage charges:

bq. *Mousavian,* a deputy head of the Strategic Research center of Iran’s State Expediency Council which is run under the two-time president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, *has been arrested on charges of spying on Iran’s nuclear activities and transferring Iran’s nuclear information and data to the West.*

A similar FNA story quotes an unnamed source who confirms the nuclear espionage charges, “according to AFP.”:;_ylt=AuWMPNvwmE6KU5y1CPlZWiFSw60A

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