More from R Garwin on Vela Incident, 2019

I previously described this document as a “paper” written by Richard Garwin about the Ruina Panel. (Here, by the way, is a copy of the Ruina report, which looks as if it was faxed from Dr. Garwin’s office.). But the document is really a compilation of emails and notes from Garwin to the Wilson Center conference organizers. He devotes much space to discussing an NRL report about the Vela incident and related hydroacoustic evidence of a large explosion.

Here’ a 1980 letter from then-NRL Director Alan Berman concerning the report. Below is the Wilson Center Digital Archive’s summary of the document:

Alan Berman writes to US Office of Science and Technology Policy senior advisor John Marcum on hydroacoustic evidence on the Vela incident. Based on sounds recorded, it appeared that a large explosion occurred south of Ascension Island.

This material in the Garwin document seems to be Dr. Garwin’s travel itinerary for a December 1980 Ruina Panel event:

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