A Theory of Law

One last post for 2012. There will be more in 2013.

A reader wanted to know why I hadn’t thought of “this.”:http://www.greenbag.org/v16n1/v16n1_ex_post_kerr.pdf Orin S. Kerr, observing that law review editors frequently demand citations for claims that are “obvious or obscure” or “made up or false,” proposes a solution:

bq. Legal scholars need a source they can cite when confronted with
these challenges. It should be something with an impressive but generic title. I offer “this page,”:http://www.greenbag.org/v16n1/v16n1_ex_post_kerr.pdf with the following conclusion: If you have been directed to this page by a citation elsewhere, it is plainly true that the author’s claim is correct. For further support, consult the extensive scholarship on the point.

Quite a generous offer. I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of it, but at least another Kerr did.

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