R Einhorn on DPRK Missiles….15 Years Ago

An astute reader dug out “these”:http://www.fas.org/spp/starwars/congress/1997_h/s971021e.htm October 1997 responses to QFRs by then- Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Nonproliferation Robert Einhorn.

The bulk of the information concerns North Korea’s missile programs. Here’s a statistic that I don’t remember seeing:

bq. The DPRK has a *production capacity of four to eight Scuds monthly*, both for export and for its own armed forces, and has hundreds of Scuds in its current arsenal.

Also, given the recent concern about Syria’s CW and nuclear programs, I found this section interesting:

bq.. Question 7. Has there been any cooperation between North Korea and
foreign countries regarding chemical or biological weapons?

Answer. Although North Korea is an active supplier of
missiles and related production technology, it has not yet
become a supplier of nuclear, chemical or biological warfare-
related technology.

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