French Wine and Nuclear Power

For all the potential safety issues with nuclear power, you didn’t think that it would results in “branding issues”:,1518,571254,00.html for French vintners, did you?

From “Der Spiegel”:,1518,571254,00.html a while back,

France is proud of having the world’s most developed nuclear energy infrastructure, but a series of incidents at the Tricastin nuclear power plant has shaken its self-confidence. Is public sentiment about nuclear power about to shift?

The winegrowers have already made their move. *No longer will they label their product Côteaux du Tricastin. Why? Because the name Tricastin is slowly beginning to stand for something far removed from fine wine.*

The vintners fear that sales might be hurt by a series of recent accidents at a nuclear power plant near Avignon bearing the same name. *”Nuclear energy and food don’t really go so well together in the minds of consumers,”* said Henri Bour, president of the local Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) wine association, in late July. From now on, the wine will likely bear the label of origin “Grignan,” after the place where the association is based.

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