Arak…It Ain’t no Natanz

Following up on Josh’s “post”: … I understand the concerns that Einhorn and others have about the Arak reactor, but as a proliferation threat it’s not equivalent to the Natanz facility. That’s because enrichment facilities can produce fissile material, but you need a reprocessing facility to separate plutonium from spent reactor fuel. Iran says that it isn’t gonna build a reprocessing facility and, from what I understand, such facilities are considerably harder to hide than centrifuge facilities.

Just saying.

One thought on “Arak…It Ain’t no Natanz

  1. anonymous

    On this one, Bob Einhorn actually is right. Certainly, a reprocessing plant to make plutonium for bombs is much easier to build and hide than a commercial sized enrichment plant and throws off no signal until it operates. David Kay explained in the open liternature how you can filter to prevent kyrpton gases from escaping even when such a plant does operate. Iran has already mastered the radiochemistry needed to build such a plant. Finally, Arak is not that far off from being completed.


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