Syria Nuclear Evidence Destruction

I agree that the United States may be right to be concerned about “possible Syrian efforts”: to sanitize sites that may (or may have been) nuclear-related. But this whole thing would be easier to sort out if the Israelis hadn’t blown up the reactor-box thing in the first place.

One thought on “Syria Nuclear Evidence Destruction

  1. Yossi, Jerusalem

    I agree that the right course for Israel and the US was to bring their evidence to the IAEA. A IAEA inspection inside the box could have determined within five minutes whether it’s a nuclear reactor or not.

    What happened is yet another wrong move eroding the flimsy fabric of international law and cooperation. World security was dealt yet another blow.

    It’s clear to everyone who dares to look at the open evidence that it’s unlikely the box was a nuclear reactor. Unfortunately few people dare to contradict the USIC. I guess the relation of the arms control community to the US administration is a bit like that of the medical establishment with the big pharma companies.


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