Talking Turkey w/Kislyak

Just in time for T-giving break, ACA posted the “much-anticipated interview”: with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. In addition to the predictable discussion of re-starting START and missile defense issues (_yawn! just kidding_), the interview has some CFE and 123 wonkage.

Quite interesting is Kislyak’s response to an ACA prompt on the need for Russia to provide assurances to U.S. policymakers on Moscow’s supply of conventional weapons to Tehran:

bq. When it comes to the defense supplies you seem to be referring to, first of all, there are no inconsistencies with our obligations or the resolutions of the Security Council because we do show restraint, and whatever we do is purely defensive and *for deterrence*. It is our policy, and it is going to be reportable to the Russian parliament and Russian people and not anybody else. If the United States is interested in working with us, we will be more than ready to work, but it needs to be based on mutual respect and the mutual respect of interests.

That “d-word” again… Why use it at all?

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