No US Nukes in the UK

So says “Hans K:”:

The United States has withdrawn nuclear weapons from the RAF Lakenheath air base 70 miles northeast of London, marking the end to more than 50 years of U.S. nuclear weapons deployment to the United Kingdom since the first nuclear bombs first arrived in September 1954.

The withdrawal, which has not been officially announced but confirmed by several sources, follows the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Ramstein Air Base in Germany in 2005 and Greece in 2001. The removal of nuclear weapons from three bases in two NATO countries in less than a decade undercuts the argument for continuing deployment in other European countries.

There’s a handy chart “here.”: And _ACW_ has “more. “:

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  1. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

    The withdrawal of U.S. nuclear weapons from the UK is a good sign, and one that hopefully will be followed by serious steps toward a nuclear weapons-free world.

    We at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation are circulating an Appeal to the Next President of the United States of America for a nuclear weapons-free world. The Appeal calls on the next President to take seven specific steps in making a nuclear weapons-free world a reality in the coming years.

    So please visit, and help us make the world nuclear-free!


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