Why Aren’t You at Atomcon 2008?

Sergey Ivanov “announced today”:http://en.rian.ru/russia/20080625/112037506.html that now anyone can (and everyone should) invest in Russian nuclear energy. He broke the news at the first ever Atomcon, which is taking place in Moscow. What’s Atomcon? No one I’ve asked seems to know but, apparently, as “this release notes:”:http://www.rosatom.com/en/press-releases/10606_23.06.2008

bq. Atomcon 2008 is being conducted under the aegis of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation in the framework of Planet Dreaming project. *The forum is aimed at changing the negative public attitude to nuclear power plants and at enhancing public awareness of the prospects of nuclear power engineering for market players and ordinary people.*

The “Russian version of the Atomcon site”:http://www.atomcon.ru/ is really snazzy (see “whale”:http://www.atomcon.ru/about/, “giraffe”:http://www.atomcon.ru/news/, “panther”:http://www.atomcon.ru/events/ and “mountain goat”:http://www.atomcon.ru/sbcd-expo/ … you get the idea) The “English version of the website”:http://www.atomcon.ru/en/preliminary-words/ (not as nice) features these words of welcome from Sergey Kiriyenko:

_Dear colleagues!_

_The world has entered an epoch of nuclear Renaissance. These are not mere words, but a new reality._


_For this reason we have decided to organize ATOMCON – 2008, an exhibition and convention that will provide nuclear industry professionals with an opportunity to demonstrate their innovation and technologies, as well as get acquainted wit the Russian initiatives in the peaceful use of nuclear energy._


_Finally, *I extend to you my wishes for good fortune in your personal life and for success in the field of nuclear power and technologies.*_

_S. Kirienko_

And since we are on “personal life”… Miss Atom 2008 “Yulia Nagaeva”:http://www.armscontrolwonk.com/1821/its-that-time-of-the-year-again will also be attending Atomcon to “finally receive”:http://www.atomcon.ru/news/2008/06/20/pobeditelnitsy-konkursa-miss-atom-na-mezhdunarodnom-forume-atomcon-2008 her hard-won trip to Italy (for 2 people). Don’t miss the action, which will be taking place until June 27th.

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