Way off-topic but the below comment from “this post”: must be shared:

bq. Well, as a lifelong bachelor for 37 years, I’d say I stopped going into restaurants where you tip a waiter or waitress about 10 years ago. I’ve always averred that it’s woefully wasteful. Why the hell should I pay extra just for someone to bring my food to the table? I’m perfectly capable of doing that myself. And the way I see it, food is just something I need to survive. That’s why I either get 99-cent items at Burger King, Jack in the Box, or McDonalds or buy 99-cent microwavable items from the grocery store — I don’t need overpriced baby-back ribs from Chili’s and the like. It’s just frigging food any way you slice it. What really cracks me up are elderly people who go to overpriced cafeterias for food they’re perfectly capable of fixing at home, because they’re the ones who gripe that Social Security isn’t enough income yet blow crucial dollars of their income for eating out. Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that they’re entitled the money to eat out, nor is it written that a family of 4 is equally entitled to eat at Appleby’s and T.G.I. Fridays and the like every weekend like so many families robotically do as if they’re all pod people. So bravo to fast-food places that are getting improved business nowadays. They offer nondescript food at good prices that *may not be as tasty as meat at Outback Steakhouse but are perfectly fine nevertheless.*

[Via “Atrios.”:]

I cannot believe that someone typed that last sentence. Or any of the sentences above it, for that matter.

Anyway, this post’s value-added is a reaction from FoKerr _TBR_. Speaking of her former in-laws, she wrote that:

One time they were talking to my mother about visiting Charleston, where they have a condo and where my parents had just taken a trip. My mom was trying to talk to them about it, and was gushing about all the great restaurants, how the seafood was so fresh, etc. My mother in law stared at her and said, *”We just go to Applebees. There’s no need for the rest of that nonsense.”*

Then she went back to Canton, Ohio and told the rest of her family that my parents were snobs.

Snobs, indeed. If I ate seafood, Charleston would be a prime destination.

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