State Vector Collapse and the RPM Challenge

My good friend Leif, who is one of the people most responsible for my taste in music over the years, is recording a new album (as State Vector Collapse) for “RPM Challenge 2008.”:

Said challenge is “described as:”:

…record an album in 29 days, just because you can.

That’s 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February. Go ahead… put it to tape.

You can download most (all?) of Leif’s back catalogue, some of which also features the awesomely-clever Erin, “here.”:

Here is the text of Leif’s email (slightly edited) describing the project:

I’m going to be dusting off the music gear and participating in the RPM Challenge this February: Create ten songs or 35 minutes of new material, whichever is longer.

So in 29 days, expect a new State Vector Collapse album.

I’ll be “blogging”: my thoughts and composition methods over the course of the project.

If you’re a MySpace type, I’ve got a band page “set up.”:

So enjoy the month… because when it’s over, I’m coming for your ears.

Five days left, buddy.

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