Syria [Alleged] Reactor Images

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“ISIS”: has them.

According to the “_WP_,”:

bq. U.S. and international experts and officials familiar with the site… said there was a strong and credible possibility that they depict the remote compound that was attacked.

I think the ISIS report is appropriately qualified. What we know is that the Syrians had a building similar to the one housing the Yongbyon reactor.

I was also pleased to note that ISIS pointed out something that should be pretty damn obvious, but is frequently overlooked:

bq. If Syria wanted to build nuclear weapons, it would need a specialized facility to chemically separate the plutonium from the irradiated fuel discharged from the reactor. It is unknown whether Syria has such a facility under construction or planned.

The report also notes that “On October 23, 2007, Google Earth posted imagery that covers a wide swath of eastern Syria and includes” the reactor site, though the images seem to be considerably older than the ones ISIS posted.

The relevant Google Earth placemark can be downloaded “here.”:
[Original link to the file is “here.”: ]

*Update:* is “here.”:

One thought on “Syria [Alleged] Reactor Images

  1. MarkoB

    and it would need a facility to fabricate the re-processed fuel into plutonium metal…and it would need a survivable means of delivery for a crude approx 1 tonne warhead…


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