Clinton, Obama And Nukes

I don’t want to get into the 2K8 race dynamics, but “this”: reminded me that, after “the recent Clinton-Obama nuclear flap”: I thought that someone should ask the candidates if they think it is _ever_ appropriate to use nuclear weapons against NNWS or non-state actors. That might help prevent candidates from using the “take nothing off the table” dodge.

One thought on “Clinton, Obama And Nukes

  1. Yale

    It is always disheartening to see political or military people discuss the possible use of nuclear weapons. Since the first use 62 years ago (in which we could at least claim ignorance of what was unleashed) no atomic weapon has been used in anger. With the exception of NK, its been almost 10 years since a bomb has been tested.

    The characteristics of a nuclear weapon allows there to be a “binary” situation. Either they are used or they are not. No ambiguity. Its not like quibling over the range or throw-weight of a missile.

    Adding a nuke to one’s “usable” arsenal – for whatever reason – is a slippery slope with a 90 degree angle.

    Yale Simkin


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