IC on Iran – NK Nuclear Cooperation

Greetings from Dallas.

While working on an article for _ACT_, I read a 27 February SASC hearing during which Sen. Collins asked Admiral McConnell and General Maples about reports that Tehran and Pyongyang were cooperating on nuclear weapons research.

Short answer: No.

That’s pretty much the long answer too. Here’s the exchange:

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS (R-ME): Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Admiral, in your testimony you describe Iran and North Korea as the states of most concern to us. Both are determined, it appears, to pursue nuclear capability. We hope that the recent agreement with North Korea will help in that regard.

You’ve described Iran as, quote, “determined” to develop nuclear weapons.

*Do you have evidence that North Korea is assisting Iran in developing its nuclear capabilities?*

*ADM. MCCONNELL: No, ma’am, I’m not aware of anything.* Let me turn to my colleagues, if they are. I don’t know of anything — any connection between the two.

*SEN. COLLINS: General?*

*GEN. MAPLES: No, ma’am.*

SEN. COLLINS: The reason I ask is there was a CRS report that was issued back in October of last year that says the evidence suggests that North Korea has had extensive dealings with Iran on missiles and other weapons. But General?

GEN. MAPLES: That’s correct, they have had extensive interaction on the development of missile systems. And Iran, in fact, has purchased missiles from North Korea.

SEN. COLLINS: But *there’s no concern that North Korea may be helping Iran develop nuclear capabilities?*

*GEN. MAPLES: There is a concern, but we haven’t seen –*

*SEN. COLLINS: But no evidence to support it?*

*ADM. MCCONNELL: No evidence, that’s correct, Senator.*

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