North Korea Hearts the U.S.-India Nuclear Deal

I am busy, but this is pretty good.

From the “_Chosun Ilbo_:”:

bq. When North Korea’s chief nuclear negotiator Kim Kye-gwan met his U.S. counterpart Christopher Hill in New York on March 5, a source familiar with U.S.-North Korean relations says, Kim asked Hill to “treat us the way you treat India.”


*Update:* Big ups to the “Robot Economist.”:

2 thoughts on “North Korea Hearts the U.S.-India Nuclear Deal

  1. Amit Joshi

    There should be no problem with that provided they wait unti 2036, break with one of their friends – either China or Pakistan – and in general coordinate their foreign policy with Washington.

  2. Matt

    What was it that critics of US nonprol policy have been saying for years? That our strategy was somewhat…inconsistent ?


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