Blelvis Sighting

Tonight in Mt Pleasant.

“Lots of other people”: have seen him too. “This guy”: got his story, at least part of it:

bq. The date was August 17, 1977, and Elvis Presley had died the previous afternoon at his home in Memphis. The Boy Who Would Be Blelvis sat in his room listening to the local black station, but they were playing nothing but Elvis Preseley hits. Nonplussed, he flipped to another station. More Elvis. (I remembered the day Jerry Garcia died: I had thought the friend who gave me the bad news was pulling my leg until he flipped on the radio, and we heard the Dead on every station.) He flipped again, and stopped. The radio was playing Treat Me Nice. “Not bad,” the future Blelvis mused. Next came You’re So Square, Baby I Don’t Care. He was hooked. The very next day, he ran out to buy his first Elvis album: A Legendary Performer: Volume 1. The rest is history.

1 thought on “Blelvis Sighting

  1. Julie

    If you see Blevis, stop and let him sing for you. It’s worth 5 bucks; trust me on this one. He might even bring you a stereo later.


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