Six-Party Joint Statement

Here are some excerpts from the Initial Actions for the Implementation of the Joint Statement. The full text can be found “here.”:

Any of this “sound familiar ?”:

Credit to the administration for agreeing to this. Just remember that we almost certainly could have gotten this deal before the North Koreans tested a missile and a nuke.

In a way, I agree with “this statement”: from John Bolton:

bq. This is the same thing that the State Department was prepared to do six years ago. If we going to cut this deal now, it’s amazing we didn’t cut it back then.

But anyway…

II. The Parties agreed to take the following actions in parallel in the initial phase:

1. The DPRK will shut down and seal for the purpose of eventual abandonment the Yongbyon nuclear facility, including the reprocessing facility and invite back IAEA personnel to conduct all necessary monitoring and verifications as agreed between IAEA and the DPRK.

2. The DPRK will discuss with other parties a list of all its nuclear programs as described in the Joint Statement, including plutonium extracted from used fuel rods, that would be abandoned pursuant to the Joint Statement.

3. The DPRK and the US will start bilateral talks aimed at resolving pending bilateral issues and moving toward full diplomatic relations. The US will begin the process of removing the designation of the DPRK as a state-sponsor of terrorism and advance the process of terminating the application of the Trading with the Enemy Act with respect to the DPRK.

4. The DPRK and Japan will start bilateral talks aimed at taking steps to normalize their relations in accordance with the Pyongyang Declaration, on the basis of the settlement of unfortunate past and the outstanding issues of concern.

5. Recalling Section 1 and 3 of the Joint Statement of 19 September 2005, the Parties agreed to cooperate in economic, energy and humanitarian assistance to the DPRK. In this regard, the Parties agreed to the provision of emergency energy assistance to the DPRK in the initial phase. The initial shipment of emergency energy assistance equivalent to 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil (HFO) will commence within next 60 days.

The Parties agreed that the above-mentioned initial actions will be implemented within next 60 days and that they will take coordinated steps toward this goal.

III. The Parties agreed on the establishment of the following Working Groups (WG) in order to carry out the initial actions and for the purpose of full implementation of the Joint Statement:

1. Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

2. Normalization of DPRK-US relations

3. Normalization of DPRK-Japan relations

4. Economy and Energy Cooperation

5. Northeast Asia Peace and Security Mechanism

The WGs will discuss and formulate specific plans for the implementation of the Joint Statement in their respective areas. The WGs shall report to the Six-Party Heads of Delegation Meeting on the progress of their work. In principle, progress in one WG shall not affect progress in other WGs. Plans made by the five WGs will be implemented as a whole in a coordinated manner.

The Parties agreed that all WGs will meet within next 30 days.

IV. During the period of the Initial Actions phase and the next phase, which includes provision by the DPRK of a complete declaration of all nuclear programs and disablement of all existing nuclear facilities, including graphite-moderated reactors and reprocessing plant, economic, energy and humanitarian assistance up to the equivalent of 1 million tons of heavy fuel oil (HFO), including the initial shipment equivalent to 50,000 tons of HFO, will be provided to the DPRK.

The detailed modalities of the said assistance will be determined through consultations and appropriate assessments in the Working Group on Economic and Energy Cooperation.


VII. The Parties agreed to hold the Sixth Round of the Six-Party Talks on 19 March 2007 to hear reports of WGs and discuss on actions for the next phase.

Here’s a “possible indication”: regarding the merits of this plan:

BOLTON: This is a very bad deal. And I’m hoping that the president has not been fully briefed on it and he still has time to reject it.

It’s bad for two reasons. First, it contradicts fundamental premises of the president’s policy he’s been following for the past six years. And second, it makes the administration look very weak at a time in Iraq and dealing with Iran it needs to look strong. So I hope with few hours yet to go the president might yet reject it.


ACA “press release here.”:

5 thoughts on “Six-Party Joint Statement

  1. Richard Wendland

    Also note this Reuters report that the 2002 CIA claims of North Korean uranium enrichment may have been “overstated or misread”, and that “U.S. officials no longer make a major public issue of the enrichment program”:

    Is this a “convenient” conclusion for the talks, or was this another case of distorted intelligence to further the neo-con position? Now rejected as essentially wrong, and we’re doing what could have been done 5 years ago.


  2. N.N.

    Where in the “Joint Statement” does it explicitly mention what is going to happen to the ready warheads NK has in stock? Surely they must be included in any “abandonment”. In any case, there is clearly a long road ahead to any spesific discussions about the implementation of verified disposal of all plutonium already produced.

  3. from the point of view of the deal

    I was wondering now, how does the “fizzle” test back in october fits into the equation that produced this outcome? Was the nuke test a necessary or sufficient condition for the deal to happen? Any ideas, anyone?

  4. MarkoB

    I was interested to read the wording provided here esp this bit
    “The DPRK will shut down and seal for the purpose of eventual abandonment the Yongbyon nuclear facility, including the reprocessing facility”

    So the actual “eventual abandoment” of Yongbyon is still linked with the progress of future talks, where all the nitty gritty is gonna be, I take it.


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