KCNA on Six-Party Statement

From 13 February, the key portions:

The talks that proceeded in a sincere atmosphere discussed the ways of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

At the talks the parties decided to offer economic and energy aid equivalent to one million tons of heavy fuel oil in connection with the DPRK’s [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s] temporary suspension of the operation of its nuclear facilities.

And the DPRK and the United States agreed to solve their pending issues and kick off the bilateral talks aimed at opening full diplomatic ties.

At the just-concluded talks the parties agreed to have the sixth round of the six-party talks in the future.

One thought on “KCNA on Six-Party Statement

  1. hass

    NYTimes reports today that the real breakthrough happened as a result of BILATERAL negotiations between the US and NKorea in Berlin. If applied to Iran, the lesson seems to be that bilateral US-Iran negotiations without preconditions can work, where as sabre-rattling and empty sloganeering about the “International Community” won’t – contrary to what Condi claims.


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