Powell on DPRK Test

Just for fun…back in the day, Powell described the likely US response to a North Korean nuclear test in a “2003 interview”:http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/03_38/b3850033.htm with _Business Week_ :

Q: And if the North Koreans test nuclear arms?

A: If they test we’ll take note of their test. The only reason they are testing is to scare the international community. The President has already accepted the possibility that they might test. And we will say *”Gee, that was interesting.”*

The 50-year history of dealing with this regime is that they are marvelous in terms of threats, in terms of rhetoric and actions. Well, they might take an action, but this time they would be sticking their finger not just in the eye of the United States, but I think Kim Jong Il will have to think twice about whether he would do such a thing in light of Chinese involvement.

Interesting, indeed…

3 thoughts on “Powell on DPRK Test

  1. Pradeep Elamanchili

    Again the same blinkers with respect to the Chinese. Amazing stuff. After a while you discount the possibility that folks are not being very bright and go with the logical conclusion. Plain scared of the new geo-political reality or .. the other option would not be potically correct to state in an open forum. Take a guess.


  2. G

    another great Powell quote from that period, from a Wash Post interview:

    “The previous administration I give great credit to for freezing that plutonium site,” he said. “Lots of nuclear weapons were not made because of the Agreed Framework and the work of President Clinton and his team.”

  3. Georg Schoefbaenker

    Woodward on conversation abouts NORKs between Bush and Prince Bandar

    George W. pulled Bandar aside.

    “Bandar, I guess you’re the best asshole who knows about the world. Explain to me one thing.”
    “Governor, what is it?”
    “Why should I care about North Korea?”
    Bandar said he didn’t really know. It was one of the few countries that he did not work on for King Fahd.
    “I get these briefings on all parts of the world,” Bush said, “and everybody is talking to me about North Korea.”
    “I’ll tell you what, Governor,” Bandar said. “One reason should make you care about North Korea.”
    “All right, smart alek,” Bush said, “tell me.”
    “The 38,000 American troops right on the border.” …”If nothing else counts, this counts. One shot across the border and you lose half these people immediately. You lose 15,000 Americans in a chemical or biological or even regular attack. The United State of America is at war instantly.”
    “Hmmm,” Bush said. “I wish those assholes would put things just point-blank to me. I get half a book telling me about the history of North Korea.”
    “Now I tell you another answer to that. You don’t want to care about North Korea anymore?” Bandar asked. The Saudis wanted America to focus on the Middle East and not get drawn into a conflict in East Asia.

    more here



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