A Second Test?


Japan’s MFA is apparently saying that North Korea may have conducted a second test, “according to AP.”:http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061011/ap_on_re_as/koreas_nuclear_test_2;_ylt=AqNpJvlKrhHLpZFjc_in.Y6CscEA;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

South Korea seems to say otherwise, though:

bq. …a South Korean official said seismic monitors did not detect any tremors that could indicate possible second North Korea nuclear test.

Japan’s NHK TV is reporting the same thing, “according to Reuters.”:http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061011/wl_nm/korea_north_dc_58;_ylt=AqCji4lInHJivU1PBg8FXU2CscEA;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

I checked “NHK’s website”:http://www.nhk.or.jp/english/ and they do have a headline to that effect running across the top. Reuters also said that a South Korean official observed that no reports of tremors have surfaced.

I “wrote”:http://www.armscontrolwonk.com/1232/more-norky-goodness yesterday that the South Koreans were monitoring a North Korean site for a possible second test.

*Update:* Apparently not, “AP now reports”:http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061011/ap_on_re_as/koreas_nuclear_test;_ylt=AmrrJxfavDBRrv3SQdDSs6_uOrgF;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b3JuZGZhBHNlYwM3MjE. May have been an earthquake in Japan.

7 thoughts on “A Second Test?

  1. Springbored

    The NK test puts all the Naval deployment orders…for ships capable of engaging in blockade operations to be prepped and ready to go by early October…in a new perspective, no?

    Perhaps intel IS doing a good job. Maybe somebody in DC is shining a light on—or at least reading timely dispatches from—the old Hermit Kingdom…

  2. Andy

    The reports of ship deployments are routine. Besides, if the Navy was going to institute a blockade of North Korea, it wouldn’t use ships based on the US east coast (like the Eisenhower), especially when we have a carrier strike group based in Japan and the large portion of the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor.

  3. Alex

    Sort of sad that the decades-in-the-making North Korean nuke was a few orders of magnitude smaller tham some routine earthquake in the Sea of Japan.

  4. Gridlock

    Any sign of radionuclides yet? Not seen any updates on this, but the alignment of the Russian announcement (5-15Kt) with the amount of pu needed for this yield (4kg?) and the actual measured results (0.55kt?) would strongly suggest a fizzle.. Are govs laying off calling it a failure to pre-empt a possible second test?


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