Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has recently started his “own blog”: There’s a link to the English-language site. [“RFE/RL via Payvand News”:].

FYI, Ahmadinejad’s 60 Minutes interview, which aired last night, can be found “here.”:

Kim Jong-il has had “his own blog”: for a while and seems to have resumed updating it.

One thought on “Blogjammin’

  1. Alex

    The official DPRK page ( is pretty silly in and of itself, as I’m sure you know. Authoritarian nations seem to always have bad web design; too bad the USSR folded before the Internet took off in a big way.

    The best part are the differences in “message” that you get if you select different languages on their main menu page:

    For America, you get a lovely crest of lightning and olive wreaths (

    For Russia, you get a mushroom cloud and text decrying the horrible United States (

    Got to keep your content specialized, of course.


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