Iran, P5+1 Proposal Documents

ACA has posted “some documents”: describing proposals made by Iran, the E3, and the P5+1. As far as I know, some have never been made public before. [Such as “this one,”: “this one,”: and “this one.”:]

I referenced some of them in “this June _ACT_ article.”:

The documents contain quite a bit of interesting material. For example, check out the end of this July 2005 letter from Hassan Rowhani to the E3 foreign ministers. Essentially, Rowhani proposed a suspension of industrial-scale enrichment at Iran’s Natanz facility for about a decade:

bq. Negotiations for full scale operation of Natanz would continue on the premise that it would be synchronized with the fuel requirements of your light water reactor or those offered by Russia.

I wrote the following about that letter, based on the text and a description of Iran’s position provided by an Iranian diplomat:

bq. A July 2005 letter from Rowhani to the Europeans indicated that Iran would agree to operate a lower number of centrifuges during the Natanz facility’s initial operation. The letter also said that Iran would suspend industrial-scale enrichment at Natanz for approximately 10 years. [footnote is “here”:]

Also noteworthy is the scope of Iran’s “January 2005 proposal.”: It deals with a variety of issues, such as regional security, terrorism, and proliferation. It’s actually more detailed than “Iran’s Spring 2003 proposal”:, which Jeffrey “blogged about.”: I don’t think anyone can doubt the importance of security concerns to Iran after reading the more recent proposal.

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