17 thoughts on “Geek Check

  1. Victor

    I check this site regularly 1-6 times a day; I consider it just as essential for understanding arms issues as any newspaper.

  2. doug

    I have long felt civilian nuclear power needs to be expanded to reduce need for increasinly costly oil etc. I have also come to believe global warming a serious problem. After 9/11 I became concerned about diversion of spent fuel, attacks on the plants themselves and so on. Recently, I have looked into efforts to burn WG Pu using Th as a more efficient mechanism. Fascinating stuff. Nice little blog that helps with my understanding on some of the, increasingly important, proliferation issues.

  3. Dan

    But Paul, is there an orders of magnitude difference between reading the blog and writing it? If so which is more geeky?

  4. nzruss

    I have an RSS feed from this site on my google home page…. Feel a little tricked by this post though…


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