Pakistan September 2023 UN Speech

A 9/26 speech by Ambassador Munir Akram, Pakistan’s PermRep to the UN contains these two paragraphs concerning Pakistan’s nuclear weapons policy:

Pakistan remains committed to the goal of a nuclear weapons free world, achieved in a universal, verifiable and non-discriminatory manner, addressing regional and global challenges, and conventional and non-conventional asymmetries and assuring undiminished security for all States, at the lowest possible level of armaments, as agreed by SSOD-I.


Following the South Asia nuclear tests, Pakistan proposed the establishment of a Strategic Restraint Regime (SRR) in South Asia. The SRR is premised on three interlocking and mutually reinforcing elements: conflict resolution, nuclear and missile restraint and conventional arms balance. The proposal remains on the table. Pakistan’s security policy continues to be defined by restraint and responsibility and avoidance of a mutually debilitating arms race in our region.

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