Brazil on Nuclear Submarine Program

Brazil submitted this document to the RevCon titled Brazil’s Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme and the Safeguards Regime under the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Here’s a section titled “Rationale for the nuclear propulsion programme:”

Brazil is both a continental and a maritime country. It exercises rights of jurisdiction over economic resources in an area of approximately 4.5 million km2 off its extensive coastline up to the outer limits of its continental shelf, defined in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. This is an area of vital economic and strategic importance to Brazil, as it contains significant oil and gas reserves, among other mineral as well as living resources. Close to 85 per cent of Brazil’s oil extraction and 75 per cent of its gas extraction are carried out in this maritime area, while 95 per cent of the country’s foreign trade passes through sea routes. It is therefore essential for Brazil to effectively exercise surveillance, control and defence of its jurisdictional waters.

A nuclear-powered submarine capability will contribute to the defence and preservation of Brazilian national interests in the maritime domain, particularly in the South Atlantic, thereby enabling the protection of resources and trade routes and the maintenance of free navigation. The programme will also contribute to promoting Brazil’s defence industrial base and potential spin-offs for civilian applications of associated advanced technologies. Achieving autonomy in these areas is an indispensable part of Brazil’s efforts towards sustainable development for future generations.

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