Iran’s “First Nuclear Martyr”

On 12 January , the Iranian government published a profile titled Iran’s first nuclear martyr: A look at the life of Massoud Ali Mohammadi.

This seems to be the most relevant paragraph:

Massoud knew the methodology for carrying out scientific studies very well. He was not ashamed to ask questions and he always sought to increase his knowledge. In addition to physics, he was knowledgeable about philosophy and cosmology as well. Fereydoun Abbasi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran at that time, said the following about him, “Sometimes students would sit in my room and engage in discussions with each other. He would sit with them, listen and ask questions as well. He met Dr. Rezainejad here. He had very good scientific discussions with him, and in some cases, he would raise objections to him.” He knew mechanics in the field of physics and that is why he was actively and effectively involved in the initial studies for uranium enrichment, centrifuge design and construction.

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