Protect and Survive

As I have written, Steve Ignorant of Crass described this document as a “right load of bollocks.” Readers can make up their own minds. Meanwhile, I will post excerpts from the document in order to educate my vast readership.

Here’s the first:

If Britain is attacked by nuclear bombs or by missiles, we do not
know what targets will be chosen or how severe the assault will be.
If nuclear weapons are used on a large scale, those of us living in the
country areas might be exposed to as great a risk as those in the
towns. The radioactive dust, falling where the wind blows it, will
bring the most widespread dangers of all. No part of the United
Kingdom can be considered safe from both the direct ef fects o f the
weapons and the resultant fall-out.

The dangers which you and your family will face in this situation can
be reduced if you do as this booklet describes.

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