EURATOM and NWS Inspections

This paper which I have previously cited has a section on the implementation of safeguards in EURATOM NWS:

A specific provision in the EURATOM Treaty does foresee the right of the EU’s NWS, France and UK, to possess and manage a non-safeguarded fuel cycle for national defence purposes.

It is to be noted that implementation of the EURATOM safeguards system is done in a non- discriminatory way among all the 27 EU-Member States. Across the whole EU, nuclear materials and the basic technical characteristics of the nuclear facilities are subject to the same in-depth verification schemes in NWS and NNWS. In line with the number and complexity of the nuclear installations in the two NWS of the EU, about 60 % of the total EURATOM inspection effort was spent in the NWS in 2010.

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