EURATOM Safeguards

In case anyone’s interested, here’s a good paper explaining the EURATOM safeguards system: For instance:

3.3 EURATOM safeguards inspectorate

The EURATOM safeguards inspectorate is a service of the European Commission and has its base in Luxembourg. During 2010, EURATOM’s 150 safeguards inspectors carried out more than 1400 inspections (with about 4000 person-days of inspection). The inspectors are supported by a technical support unit and a nuclear materials accountancy unit.

The EURATOM Treaty gives the Commission the right to send inspectors into the territories of the Member states who shall at all times have access to all places and data and to all persons who deal with materials, equipment or installations subject to safeguards. This right of access can be enforced by the Court of Justice of the EU if necessary. Inspectors are directly employed by the Commission and are therefore independent from their country of origin.

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