Indian Parliament and Nuclear Power After 123

Last month, IPFM blogged about this March report from India’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology, Environment, Forests and Climate Change. IPFM rightly focused on the portion of the report concerning delays in India’s PFBR program.

I would recommend their post, but I was struck by this observation about Indian nuclear power post the U.S.-India 123:

3.3 The Committee is also aware of the fact that apart from helping India acquire badly needed natural uranium from other countries, the Indo-US Nuclear Agreement of 2005 has not yet resulted in new commercial projects with foreign assistance. Negotiations with the French and American companies have been going on for over a decade. The Committee feels that at this point of time it would be better for the DAE to adopt a standardised 700 MW heavy-water reactor and use that standardised design for its expansion programme in an aggressive manner.

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