H Blix 2014

Hans Blix gave a speech to CFR a little more than 5 years ago. I will write more about it, but will leave you with his use of the Pottery Barn theory in discussing a possible military invasion of Iran:

So the suspicion came there, and I don’t think that—the main objection to it on the U.S. and Western side to an attack, I think, again—I’m sorry to say—I don’t think it’s the U.N. charter. I mean, as a lawyer, I think it would be illegal. Iran has not attacked. And there’s no—there would be no authorization. I think that the main reason will be that they don’t know where it will end, that (inaudible) situation in a foreign Middle East is difficult enough anyway, so they don’t know where—it’s like a pot—Colin Powell said that, if you break the pot, you own it.

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