Canada on Iran’s Nuclear Program

It’s a bit old, but “last February”:, Donald Sinclair, Director General of the International Security Bureau of Canada’s Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department, commented on Iran’s nuclear program during a Parliamentary hearing.

Apparently, Ottawa thinks Iran’s trying to develop nuclear weapons – as opposed to the mere option to develop such weapons:

bq.. At the same time as we believe *Iran is actively working to develop a nuclear device,* they are actively improving their missile capacity. You put these two together, and it more than doubles your worry; it is exponential. They have demonstrated that they can develop missile technology with a range that could cover Israel, for example, and most of Europe. It is no accident that NATO, in its response to the Iranian missile threat, is constructing a very expensive missile defence system to protect European territory from the horrific possibility of an Iranian missile attack. You take your defensive measures far in advance of the anticipated offensive capacity of a potential adversary. NATO is determined to build this missile defence system, which is directed at Iran’s activities.

Will they have the capacity to use a nuclear device? There are a number of variables, of course. *They actually have to produce a nuclear weapon, miniaturize it, fit it onto a missile and develop their missile technology.* Since they are beavering away on those particular problems and issues, one has to take into account the horrific potential that the answer to your question could be yes, they could develop the capacity. They do not have it yet, fortunately, but *they have shown no indication of reversing their behaviour.* That is where we are today.

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